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There are many laws relating to an employer’s duties and employee rights. Employment law applies to all types of enterprises and organisations.

We understand that work is much more than the word indicates. Our sense of self-worth, achievement, and the ability to provide for ourselves, exploit opportunities and exercise choice, are all bound up in it.

We help you make practical use of employment law. We do this covering the full encyclopaedic range of employment law areas in four main ways as indicated in the red box below. They are:

Examples of main areas covered

This is not an exhaustive list. Contact us if you cannot see what you are looking for in the list below:-

  • Dismissal

  • Performance improvement plans

  • Sickness absence (long term & short term)

  • Disciplinary action

  • Grievances (making a complaint about a work-related matter)

  • Exit strategies and severance packages

  • Redundancy

  • Restructure or reorganisation

  • Contracts of employment

  • Contract clauses

  • Zero hour contracts

  • Apprentices

  • Part-time staff rights

  • Fixed-term staff rights

  • Non-Compete clauses & Post-employment Restrictive Covenants

  • Confidentiality clauses

  • How to make a claim to an Employment Tribunal

  • Unfair dismissal

  • Constructive dismissal

  • Discrimination: Age, sex, pregnancy & maternity, disability, race, sexual orientation, religion and belief, marital status & civil partnership and gender reassignment.

  • Bullying

  • Harassment

  • Wages (including bonuses and commission)

  • Wage disputes (including bonuses and commission)

  • Holiday and holiday pay

  • Working hours and rest breaks

  • Notice periods

  • Probationary periods

  • Breach of contract

  • Notice periods

  • Employment Tribunal proceedings (Litigation)

  • Schedule of Loss

  • Garden leave

  • Protected conversations

  • Without prejudice conversations

  • Settlement Agreements

  • Family-friendly rights leave & pay:  Pregnancy and maternity, Flexible Working, time off for ante-natal appointments & family emergencies, Shared Parental Leave & Pay

  • Bereavement leave

  • Social Media

  • Time off work (rights and pay)

  • Sick Pay

  • Whistle-blowing

  • Recruitment

  • Job adverts

  • Job offers

  • References

  • TUPE transfers

  • ACAS (including ACAS Early Conciliation)

Who do we help

All types of working people in any type of sector, organisation or business. Examples include
  • Senior Executives

  • Job applicants

  • Existing staff

  • Workers (including Bank and casual workers)

  • Self-employed Contractors and Consultants

  • Former staff

  • Apprentices

How do you pay for the service


We need to take you on officially as a client before we can advise you on your case, but we will be able to tell you during our first telephone call whether you would benefit from consulting with us to obtain legal advice.

If so, we will offer you a free 15 minute consultation with a solicitor. In that consultation, we will take further details, advise how we can help you and give you an idea of how much this is likely to cost.

Please note that the free first 15 minutes does not apply to work as an independent advisor under a Settlement Agreement.

Our hourly charging

Our fees are calculated mainly by reference to the amount of time spent on your matter.

We will provide you with fee estimates at the outset or as soon as reasonably possible and throughout the duration of your case. For ongoing advice, to help you to keep a track on your costs, we will usually send you an interim bill at intervals. We expect all invoices whether interim or final to be paid in full and without delay.

If you have concerns about affording our fees, speak to us as we may be able to assist. For example rather than acting for you from the start of an Employment Tribunal claim through to representation at a full hearing, we can advise you on an ‘as and when’ requested basis.

Legal expenses insurance

You may have legal expenses insurance cover which will cover the cost of you bringing a tribunal claim, as part of other insurance policies that you have including for example private healthcare, personal accident or household insurance policies. You are not under any obligation to use a solicitor that your insurance company may suggest or insist on. Rather, have the right to choose your own solicitor.

Fixed fee interview and advice

It may be possible to offer you an initial fixed fee interview. The fee will include a consultation, to discuss your case, review paperwork that you provide and confirm our advice in writing.  The purpose of the interview will be to discuss your case and to advise you on the likelihood of a successful outcome and a costs estimate for any further work. Whether this can be offered depends on the circumstances of your case and the volume of paper that needs to be looked at.

Union members

If you are a Union member, your Union may fund your case. You should contact your Union representative for further information including their eligibility criteria.

Employment tribunal litigation - Employees

Legal aid

Unfortunately, we do not offer Legal Aid. You can contact the Law Society if you need a solicitor who does have a Legal Aid franchise for employment matters. The website link is:

No win no fee arrangements

Unfortunately, we do not take on No win, No fee cases.

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