We like to make our charges clear and understood. In some cases it may be possible for us to agree with you a fixed fee for certain work. In other cases, we may need to agree with you a combination of a fixed fee and an hourly rate charge. However, some types of work are unsuitable for fixed fees and where this is the case we will explain why and offer one of the following:

(1) a combination of an hourly rate and a fixed fee; (2) a capped fee; (3) an hourly rate.

For fees relating to bringing or defending Employment Tribunal claims for unfair dismissal or wrongful dismissal, follow this link here.

Our basis of charging

Generally, our fees are calculated on an hourly basis, although on the recommendation of the Law Society, we may take into account a number of other factors including;

  • Complexity and difficulty of the matter
  • Specialist knowledge and responsibility involved
  • Urgency

The hourly rates are currently £275 for Director and Senior Solicitor

Other assistants (Not solicitors) £30 + VAT

All time spent on your matter is recorded. This could include meetings, telephone discussions, correspondence, sending and receiving emails, reading, preparing and revising documents, general consideration and research, travelling and the supervision, and the administration, care and control of your file. We operate a system under which each hour is divided into units of six minutes and each activity is usually recorded separately, with a minimum of one unit per activity.

Review of rates

Our rates will be subject to review from time to time and in October of each year. It is possible that rates may be increased when an individual solicitor in the firm rises in seniority or gains additional professional qualifications and or expertise that add value to the service provided.

We will, where possible, try to advise how much the overall cost of our work might be and if an estimate is given, we will inform you as soon as it becomes apparent that it is likely to be exceeded. In most cases however, we can only provide a rough estimate which may need revision as a case progresses.


Where a fixed price (ie a quotation) for work is given, it is important that you take careful note of exactly what is included (ie the parameters) of the work included in the fixed price. This is because the nature of legal work means that the work which becomes necessary is sometimes outside or extends beyond the parameters that you the client may have identified to us.

In such instances, the additional work will be charged in accordance with the criteria set out below.


We may be required from time to time to pay expenses on your behalf to third parties. These are called disbursements. Examples of disbursements:

Barristers’ fees, expert witnesses’ fees (eg medical experts), couriers’ fees and so on.

We will invoice you either immediately upon incurring disbursements or in an appropriate interim or final account.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

VAT will be charged on all fees and disbursements as appropriate. Our VAT number is 142522640. If you are VAT registered, we will supply to you, on request, copies of any disbursement invoices.

Payment of invoices

Fees, disbursements and VAT are due on the delivery of our invoice without any deduction by way of set off, counterclaim or otherwise.

Fees on account

We do not ask you to pay sums on account of fees and disbursements to be incurred.

Interim and final bills

Unless otherwise agreed, or unless matters are completed prior to that time, you will receive our practice to submit interim bills every other month or more frequently in appropriate cases e.g Employment Tribunal cases.

We will send you a final bill on completion of your matter, which will relate to any work done which has not been previously billed or, if you are not billed on an interim basis, will be for the total amount of our charges and disbursements incurred throughout your matter.

Late payments

You may be charged interest from the date of invoice on the outstanding balance of any invoice unpaid 30 days after its date at the rate specified in the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.

Additionally, the firm has the right to recover, on a full indemnity basis, any costs incurred by us in collecting overdue payments.

Where we act for a company in a group, we reserve the right to recover from any group company all fees or other payments due to us in respect of work done for any other group company.

Ongoing information about fees

We will tell you what, and when, disbursements and foreseeable payments may have to be made. We will also supply such general information as we are able to in order to ensure that you are kept informed of disbursements, and any likely changes, as matters proceed. If an estimate is given, we will inform you as soon as it becomes apparent that it is likely to be exceeded.

If we have not concluded work for you within six months or rendered interim accounts by that time, we will inform you of the fees and disbursements incurred.


We will discuss how our fees and disbursements are to be met.

If you wish, you may set a limit on fees and disbursements which should not be exceeded without your prior knowledge and agreement; please let us know if you would like us to work for you on this basis.

Cash payments

Our policy is only to accept cash up to £100. If you deposit cash directly with our bank, we may charge you for any additional checks we decide are necessary to prove the source of the funds.

Where we have to pay money to you, it will be paid by cheque or bank transfer. It will not be paid in cash or to a third party.

Legal Expenses Insurance

We will also consider whether your liability for fees may be covered by insurance when appropriate. We will be able to supply details upon request of insurers who are able to supply legal expenses insurance.

Conditional fees and damages based fees

We do not offer conditional fees or damages based fees.

More information about fees and charges

For more information about fees and charges follow this link here which includes details for employers defending a claim of unfair dismissal or wrongful dismissal and details for former employees, pursuing a claim for unfair dismissal or wrongful dismissal.

For employers – Costs: Defending an employer in unfair dismissal or wrongful dismissal claims

For individual claimants: Costs of acting for a former employee in a claim for unfair dismissal or wrongful dismissal

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