Prevention is better than cure may be a pat phrase, but it is not only true, but important if you want your business or organisation to thrive!

Who can benefit from our seminars?

* Businesses * Organisations * HR Professionals

You can benefit from Seminars run by Achor Employment Law because you will get tips and know-how gained directly from cases that I have dealt with in Employment Tribunals all over the country.

Our courses are held at a venue to suit you, be that a hotel, conference centre or at your work premises. The seminars will empower you or your managers to run the personnel aspects of your business with confidence.

Don’t let work-place issues and disputes mushroom into an Employment Tribunal claim.

Seminars on the topics that matter to you:

    • 1. Disciplinary action & Appeals;
    • 2. Grievances;
    • 3. Managing Poor Performance; and
    • 4. Managing Sickness absence


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