Reference Manuals

As easy to use as a dictionary -

Pick your question & find the answer, or use them as a comprehensive in-house training tool:

Who can use them?

  • You;
  • Your HR Officer;
  • A manager;
  • Any other senior member of staff in the business.

You want to spend your time and money in running your business, not defending Employment Tribunal claims and that is why you will find these reference manuals invaluable. Only Alan Sugar can get away with saying; “You’re fired”! If you try it, you will find yourself in an Employment Tribunal faster than you can say ‘reality tv’.

Bad behaviour, persistent staff absence, poor performance, and staff complaints are a drain on your time and resources even when you have policies in place to deal with them. Policies and Procedures do not tackle the knotty issues that can crop up when you are going through these procedures, and sometimes, those in charge of the processes are out of their depth.

That is why I have developed the ‘Made Simple Range’ of Employer Reference Manuals, covering the following topics: Disciplinary action & Appeals; Grievances; Managing Poor Performance; and Managing Sickness absence Use the manuals to navigate policies and procedures, or as an internal training tool for your managers with HR functions.

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