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Employment law changes at a fast pace. It is also a complex area of law, not least because it uses many of the words we use in day to day life, but gives them a totally different legal meaning!

The benefit you get from using Achor Employment Law Consulting is that the advice and information that you get is up to date, practical and pre-emptive so that you are well armed to navigate the situation that you face. This is because my love of reading, and my interest in the policy considerations behind our laws, keeps me up to date with the latest developments.

I also belong to specialist forums that are at the forefront of employment law, policy, and Employment Tribunal practice and reform.

I deliver this service mainly, but not exclusively in the form of practical user-friendly Fact Sheets.


  1. Settlement Agreements - I am an employee. My employer has given me a document called a Settlement Agreement and told me that I need a solicitor.

  2. Advice and information about employee rights & employer obligations – I am an employer. I have a pregnant employee who has told me that she wants to work part-time when she returns from maternity leave. We are also facing the potential need to make redundancies – what do I do?
    I have been nominated to be an Investigation Officer in disciplinary proceedings. We have a disciplinary policy but how do I go about investigating? I need help?

  3. Information about the Employment Tribunal process – I am a manager in a business, with some HR responsibilities. An employee has taken us to an Employment Tribunal. My employer wants me to deal with the claim, but I don’t really understand what is required of me as the Tribunal jargon is not clear. For example what do the case management orders mean? “Disclosure” for example – What’s that?

  4. I am an employer. I want to move my Administrative Team from London to Kent. Can you review our Contract of Employment to see if I can do this please?
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